Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm all ears

Just one of my random musings (in an attempt to procrastinate a multitude of other things I should be doing right now)...

I've recently come to realize that listening is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. We all have our own personal opinions, thoughts, values, goals, dreams, stories, etc; but it's not enough to just have them - we want to tell someone else about them. Not only do we want to have our own voice, we want someone to hear that voice. We crave expression, we desire to be relatable, and we yearn for confirmation. God created us in his own image - he is inherently relational, and I wholeheartedly believe he created us to be the same way. We need relationships, with communication and trust, to give our life value and fullness.
It is so important to have your thoughts validated by someone else; to know that they are truly listening to what you're saying. And the hardest thing about it - it's completely out of your control. That's why I feel like it's so wonderful to find someone who cares enough to listen. As I was talking to Jason on the phone yesterday, I realized how grateful I am that he listens to me, so very well, and how selfless of him to serve me in that way. Listening is a choice, and he chooses to listen to me. Too often in my relationships, I'm too busy, too tired, too annoyed, too selfish to listen. How much more impact could I have on the world if I took the time to listen to others and truly care about them?
Isn't it such a precious gift to give of yourself and your time to listen? The understanding that being heard is out of my control brings fear, that someday my friends are going to get fed up with all my venting, complaining, crying, wallowing, rambling...and just stop listening. There's a lot of power my friends hold over me, because without them listening, I honestly might go crazy with loneliness. It's a scary thought. I'm really more dependent than I sometimes like to think I am.
I guess where I'm going with this blog is to make us all think a little more about what we spend our time doing. I hope that the next time you are with someone, you'll take the time to stop and listen. You have so much power to completely change that person's day only by taking the time to hear what they have to say. Everyone wants to be heard, are you willing to listen?

Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.
Jeremiah 29:12


  1. oh that was so cute! AMEN! Listening is such a good thing to do esp. when someone understands and can relate. Last semester it drove me crazy cause I had no one to listen to me. But thanks to you and listening to me this semester, It just feels so good to when you listen to me! love ya!

  2. I like it. Thanks for the inspirational thought.