Friday, January 16, 2009

Something I need to know

Ok, does anyone need an idea for a science experiment for their sixth grade science fair? If that is the case, then this is not the right idea for you. I am sorry. BUT, if you have some spare time to hang out in a bathroom, then I have a mission for you!

I am dying to know which stall is the most used in a public restroom. Which one do people choose the most, a.k.a, which has the most germs crawling all over it? Isn't this information that we could all benefit from? I googled studies on bathrooms to no avail. It doesn't really help me to know that only one-third of men wash their hands after using the restroom (other than its high gag factor, now I just never want to shake hands with anyone ever again). I want to know which stall draws in the most customers, so I can avoid that one. Is it the handicapped stall because it's so roomy? Is it the first stall because it's the most convenient? Is it the middle stall because people figure that the first is the most used so they go to the middle?

Jason made my study slighty more complicated because he started getting into the details of, well, what happens if one stall is already being used...blah blah blah. Whatever. He's a boy so the public bathroom is a different experience for him and he doesn't really understand.

If anyone can shed any light into this puzzling topic, I would much appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wonders about this!

    My only insight is that I always think it is comforting when I can still see the cleaning solution (the toilet hasn't been flushed since) from the custodian's morning cleaning so I know it is at least sanitary.

  2. this probably won't help, but I am after all Jason's sister... When I go into the bathroom I tend to use the one farthest away from the one that is already occupied, unless its in a noise place (airport...) I just feel like why be that close if I don't have too. Also if there is a abnormally large crack in the stall door (like where the hinges are) I tend to avoid that one because people could see in. Sorry that doesn't help at all but I felt like sharing.

  3. survey the toilet paper! look at how much is left in each stall... all women wipe, or at least i think they do. that should shed some light on how much each stall has been used. its not extremely accurate but yeh know. we cant be all filthy rich and put meters on each stall that read out on to a sophisticated computer monitoring system.

    my method of choosing a stall is completely random.

  4. I am Becca's cousin. Anyways, my sil did this as a college project and she asked 100 people and found out that the first stall is the cleanest. I guess people think it is the most used so they use the others. I had to share this random knowledge because I never thought passing the info oppurtunity would occur. Who knew..(o:

  5. Alright, not that my opinion matters any, I decided to leave a comment based only on 2 asked for some advice and I wanted to let you know that I do read your blog because you're one of Jen's friends. If I'm in a hurry...I got for whatever one is open. If I have time, I tend to choose the handicap stall if available, I figure, its rarely open so less germs, bigger stall, more room, and sometimes, just sometimes there is a whole bathroom inside the handicap stall, sink and everything. So thats that. But I've also gone to the middle stall because I don't want to be too close to the door, if the handicap is taken. On the case of washing hands, I'd say the most gaggy thing is the fact that after you wash your hands, you reach for the door handle, in which case is crawling with germs because few people wash. I always try to wash, keep my paper toweling, then grab the handle with the paper and then chuck the paper in an attempt to make the trash can. Thats my story, if it helps.

  6. Haha! I love your responses. It just cracks me up to discuss bathroom stalls. FUN!