Friday, January 30, 2009


Happy happy day! It's Friday! And today it means that soon I will be on my way to THATCHER! I get to see my hunny! Anticipation kills me on days like this!

To make this post a little more interesting, I'm going to spell out my Friday:

F is for five, the magical hour I'm off work, and friends, Molli and Tyler who are graciously letting me carpool with them. :) These two are definately people I don't mind being stuck in a car for 2 1/2 hours with. I know we're in for some fun!

R is for my right hand which is getting a lot more use lately. We're doing pencil writing in studio, immitating Roman and Greek style writing. Turns out my left-handed slant is backwards and it's looking like it's going to be easier to just suck it up and learn to write right-handed, under the intense critique of our professors. Yuck. So much for equal opportunities.

I is for ice cream! Jason drove by the old Lolly's store on main and saw that it's open again, I think under a new name. But we're going there on Saturday and then on to an intense game of tennis. For those who don't know, I'm about the world's worst athlete but as I warned Jason of my lack of athletic abilities and that he'd better be ready to be disappointed...I had to add in, TO LOSE! It's on!

D is for the sweet deal I got parking on campus today. I usually ride the bus because parking is so ridiculous, but today I came extra early to secure a spot in one of the $8 a day parking structures and to my surprise it's only $5! (must be for some event today or somethin) It's a small victory but one nonetheless. D is also for the yummy dinner Jason and I are planning to cook for his family. Cross your fingers for us!

A is for anxiety over the upcoming state budget cuts. The plan is cutting nearly 50% of education's budget, affecting those in kindergarten all the way up to me. It's scary to think how much tuition might be and sad to think how many more people will have to lose their jobs, and for the children denied of an accpetable education (soon we'll have the lowest funding per student in the country). But praise God that he provides assurance that no matter what, he always has a plan for me and I have his promise that he will guide me every step of the way!

Y is for YAY! It's FRIDAY!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something I need to know

Ok, does anyone need an idea for a science experiment for their sixth grade science fair? If that is the case, then this is not the right idea for you. I am sorry. BUT, if you have some spare time to hang out in a bathroom, then I have a mission for you!

I am dying to know which stall is the most used in a public restroom. Which one do people choose the most, a.k.a, which has the most germs crawling all over it? Isn't this information that we could all benefit from? I googled studies on bathrooms to no avail. It doesn't really help me to know that only one-third of men wash their hands after using the restroom (other than its high gag factor, now I just never want to shake hands with anyone ever again). I want to know which stall draws in the most customers, so I can avoid that one. Is it the handicapped stall because it's so roomy? Is it the first stall because it's the most convenient? Is it the middle stall because people figure that the first is the most used so they go to the middle?

Jason made my study slighty more complicated because he started getting into the details of, well, what happens if one stall is already being used...blah blah blah. Whatever. He's a boy so the public bathroom is a different experience for him and he doesn't really understand.

If anyone can shed any light into this puzzling topic, I would much appreciate it. Thanks!