Thursday, December 31, 2009


Moving, moving, BLEH
Everything is in boxes
My life is a mess

I woke up today
Same bed, a different room
Is this my new home?

Where is my toothbrush?
I know I packed it up safe
I just don't know where

I hope someday soon
these boxes will all be gone.
Will the floor be there?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Year in Review

The inside scoop to the highs and lows of my life in 2009.

Most Surprising Moment
Jason proposing. I was not expecting it AT ALL!

Most Awkward Moment
Getting asked out on the Orbit. The bus was full, everyone was listening, and after I turned him down I still had to sit next to him until he got off. Horrible horrible horrible!

Moment of Relief
Reading the email that I got into the graphic design program. Whew!

Miracle Moment
I was driving with my friend Amber to Thatcher when her tire blew out. In between San Carlos and Bylas. On the reservation which NEVER has reception. But by the grace of God we had service and were able to make some phone calls to get help (thank you Gatwoods!). Once we got word that the Gatwoods would be coming to save us, we lost service. God was surely looking out for us!

Life Ain't Fair Moment
Being left-handed and having two semesters of calligraphy where the art is designed specifically for a right-handed person.

Caving to Trendiness Moment
Buying skinny jeans.

Throw Me Into a Weeklong Depression Moment
Jason telling me he's staying another year in Thatcher (his original plan was only a year at EA)

Most Embarrassing Moment
Driving over not just a curb but an entire divider when I was lost, tearing up one of my car belts in the process. And having to retell the story to my dad. And the mechanic at the car shop.

Most Exciting Work Moment
Discovering a rogue cockroach in the office with only four females working at the time. Lots of screaming, jumping, and shaking ensued. Good times.

Dearest to My Heart Moment
Seeing Jason be baptized. Hearing his testimony of how God has changed his life was such a powerful moment in both of our lives.

Feeling Like a Kid Again Moment
Flying kites with my family over the summer.

Gotta Love ASU Moment
While walking to my classroom with one of my classmates, a girl exited the bathroom in front of us. With her very short dress tucked up into her almost nonexistent underwear.

Gotta Love ASU Moment (Runner-up)
Sighting cat girl. She rides a bike and wears cat ears and a tail and needs her own theme song. Heck, her own tv show.

Most Memorable Orbit Bus Ride
Mix together one rocker emo guy with a guitar, one washed-up middle-aged guy who likes Nickleback and thinks he can sing, his chubby girlfriend with bleach blonde hair and tight clothes, and a homeless guy who is a huge fan of guitars, and what do you have? MAGIC.

Best Outfit on the Orbit Bus
Zebra print leggings. On a 20ish good-looking guy. I hope that the fact that it was April Fool's Day had something to do with it. Bold move, my man.

Best Compliment
"You're a pretty girl" - Homeless blind man

Best Compliment (Runner-up)
"Your hair is weird!" - a 3 year old in my Sunday school class

Best Compliment (1st Runner-up)
"I like your face. You're pretty." - a 5 year old in my Sunday school class

Amount Spent on Printing at ASU
$165 (ASU is the only place I can keep track of because of my sun dollars, but I've spent probably twice as much at Kinkos, Office Max, and with my own printer)

Most Famous Person I've Shared Air With

Most Famous Person I've Shared Air With (Runner-up)
President Obama

Best Accessory Purchase
Matching sweatbands for Jason and I. Can you say legit?

Most Played Album
Transatlanticism by Death Cab. They've released several albums after Transatlanticism but I always go back to it. From the classics "Title and Registration" and "Lack of Color"to the brilliant "Passenger Seat," Ben Gibbard sings to my soul. This album is like an old friend that always knows how to make me smile

Best New Album Purchase
Cannons by Phil Wickham. This man sings like an angel and I even had the privilege of hearing him sing in person. His lyrics are inspiring and make me think about God in a whole new way. "I see Your power in the moonlit night, where planets are in motion and galaxies are bright. We are amazed in the light of the stars, it's all proclaiming who you are. You're beautiful"

Best Free Album
Tie between Armistice by MuteMath and You Are My Sunshine by Copeland. Thank you Kellie on both accounts.

My Saving Grace Album
Tie between Speak for Yourself by Imogen Heap and Limbs and Branches by Jon Foreman. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I would walk into my drawing class at 7:30 in the morning and feel the panic rising up from my stomach. Then I would pop in my headphones and Jon Foreman would start singing the Lord's prayer. Breathe, breathe, it's going to be okay. After Limbs and Branches, Imogen would invite me to escape into her fantasy world, far far away from the terror of the drawing before me. I honest to goodness alternated between these two cds every class. Horray for a drawing teacher that lets us listen to music!

Best New Movie
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It didn't have much competition considering I've barely gone to the movies this year. But still, I was pleased with it and had a good time at the midnight showing. (Now that I have some free time I'm dying to see a few movies that I missed)

Best TV Show
So You Think You Can Dance (the summer one) aka the only show I followed this year.
Oops, on second thought, there were two other shows I followed: The Bachelorette and More to Love. Should I have admitted that? Probably not.

Saddest TV Show Cancellation
Pushing Daisies. RIP you wonderful, wonderful show

Best Birthday
The blowout party for our beloved roommate Zac (Efron)

Best Gift
My mac book pro, aka my sweet baby (THANKS dad!)

Best New Friends
When I first moved here, I started going to Grace Community Church almost immediately. It's a larger church and I was hoping that getting connected would be easy. Basically, I was waiting for someone to walk up to me and say hey, come be a part of our group! I was scared to make the first move so I waited. Finally, after feeling very alone for a few months, God gave me the courage to actually do something about my loneliness. Very soon, one of the college group leaders was emailing me and then I was driving to his house for a small group meeting, shaking I was so nervous. It's so hard to be the new one in the group! But the group welcomed me with open arms and I've made some great friendships. It's so awesome to live out the gospel with my friends and grow closer to them as we grow closer to God. I know God gave me that experience of being so timid and lonely so now I can reach out to new people in the church because I know exactly how they feel!

Verse of the Year
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13 (NKJV). I've clung to this promise through the hardships of school. Jason was even sweet enough to buy me a wristband with "Philippians 4:13" on it. It's too big to wear but I keep it in my backpack to remind me.

Best Laugh
Trying on size 18 shoes in California with Lyndee. My abs hurt for days afterwards from laughing so hard.

Best Quote
"I put lipstick on!" - Lyndee (at Zac's b-day party, had to be there)

Best Quote (Runner-up)
"Are you vet yet?" - Swedish man sitting in front of us on the Atlantis ride at Sea World

Best Quote (1st Runner-up)
"When I'm not dressing like a woman, I'm chasing a woman." - Crazy homeless man on the Orbit bus

Best Quote (2nd Runner-up)
"Good work. Now do more" - repeated incessantly by my VisCom teacher

Best Technology
My garmin gps. The number of times it's saved me are countless!

Best Technology (Runner-up)

Favorite Fashion Piece

Favorite New Blog

Favorite New Blog (Runner-up)

Favorite Website

Favorite Book
The Heavenly Man by Paul Hathaway. One word - inspiring!

Least Favorite Book
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. So depressing, and it got worse with each page.

Favorite Drink
Chai latte

Favorite Restaurant
Paradise Bakery (Thanks Lyndee for introducing us!)

Favorite Store
Target (Will this every change? Probably not)

Cheers to 2009! It's been quite a year, but I'm looking forward to 2010 which will be an even bigger year. I will be a Mrs.! Woah!!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm glad you were a part of my life in 2009.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Jason

I stole this picture from Jason's sister Jessica. How cute was Jason?? (He's on the right) This picture makes me want to have babies right away. For a whole two seconds that is, and then I come to my senses.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland

On my last trip to Thatcher, Jason and I went up on Mt. Graham with his coworker Crissy and her boyfriend Marcus. It was a good time, mostly thanks to the awesomely warm jacket Stephanie loaned me which kept me from getting cold and grumpy.

We stopped at twilight to go sledding and happened upon this, half a mile from the main road. It gave us a good laugh.

Poor car.

The boys being silly.

The boys built a ramp. Here is Marcus's run.

And Jason's run.

And now Marcus's run, starting from as high up as he could go. He wasn't planning on the ramp being in his path, but he showed it who's boss. Or not. But it was pretty funny.

Yay for snow, and yay for hot chocolate to warm me up after the snow!

The Joys of Roommates

P.S. I'm DONE with finals!!! Hallelujah!

Friday, November 20, 2009


I accidentally deleted my friends list, so if you're not on there anymore, that's why. AND, if you're not there and you want to be, just let me know.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


In paragraph form.


And some stuff from my viscom class

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

People of the world

I present to you...
The Emily Martin font. Made with blood, sweat, and plaka paint.

What you say? There's only enough letters to spell phoenix? You are so simple-minded! What other letters would you ever need?

Monday, November 16, 2009

First Friday

In an attempt to procrastinate my homework, here's the October First Friday pictures, poladroid style.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just a few things in the city that make me smile

  • The way everyone says thank you to the Orbit bus driver when they get off the bus

  • Seeing sleeping students in the Design buildings

  • Hearing the light rail chirp from my apartment

  • The peacefulness of the city in the early morning

  • Hearing ten different languages every day

  • Seeing someone I know at Target

  • The way my bus rides always seem like a scene out of a movie, one of those scenes where the music swells and you see the main character staring out the window as the lights outside blur past

  • Seeing someone pull off an ultra fashionable piece that I never could

  • No matter how weird I am, I can always find someone weirder

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Look at this and tell it's not the weirdest animal you've ever seen.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This man

this man

and this man

came to ASU last Wednesday for the event called "Is Faith Delusional?" It was fantastic. How amazing to see how God has blessed these men with SO much intelligence about faith. How amazing to hear the gospel of Christ preached to a full crowd at Wells Fargo arena. How amazing to learn more about my faith and the mighty God who loves me.

Two days before, a VisComm grad student shot himself in his professor's office at ASU. I was one of the first people to come upon the scene (the office is right around the corner from my locker) and I saw the professor running from his office before I realized what happened. I don't think I will forget the look on his face for a very long time. He is in my prayers, for I can't imagine the heartache he's been faced with. I am so very grateful nothing worse happened. The design school is very close knit and I can't imagine if the gunman had turned on someone else. Being so close to the scene made me even more grateful that nothing happened - God definately protected me that day!

I found out on Wednesday that the very professor that had witnessed the suicide had selected me for a scholarship! It's very humbling that he doesn't even know me but he saw my work and it was enough for him to pick me. I truly am grateful for the chance to be in the graphic design program. To have found the major that is perfect for me. It's so challenging and really pushes me farther than I think possible, but I've grown leaps and bounds. I'm so glad God has brought me to this place and I know he has a plan for me.

Now that I've written so much, I think I need to spice this blog up with a picture, eh? Enjoy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

If there's one thing to make me happy about fall...

It's got to be cardigans.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Midterms next week

Friday, September 25, 2009

Peace out Summer

Thanks for the flip flop tan.

Hellooooo fall!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've fallen in love with lace. It's so delicate, feminine, romantic.

Besides all the boobage, I love this. So much.

The back on this one is amazing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In school, we do all sorts of wacky projects to learn about white space and spatial planes and all sorts of graphic design fun. Here's a few things I've done.

I made the capital H last semester, now we're moving on to lowercase letters. The first: an n. We have to measure these out by the millimeter and paint them with the dastardly paint called plaka using a ruling pen (another dastardly thing) for the straight lines and a paintbrush for the curves. I'm almost done with my n so I drew it in adobe illustrator which is what you see below.

Up next is what I've been doing in my Visual Communication class. Everything is on a 25 cm square layout. I didn't frame the edges of these pictures so it's kind of confusing but imagine a square box around the black squares which are mostly all 5 cm. The first is my static (motionless) composition. This is a dynamic (in motion) composition.

This is a spatial composition which creates the illusion of space using gray and black squares. The black square is closest. (this works best when you're farther away from it. We have to hang these up on the wall and stand back ten feet to look at them)This is a composition working with scale and 3 squares. The smallest square is supposed to look far away.

This one creates spatial definiton with the white space. It should look three dimensional, like stairs, because your eyes connect the white space in between.

Next is working with tension. My roommates call this the period one. The black squares are distanced from the red dot which activates the white space and creates tension. The opposite of tension is dead space. I like to say that when I'm talking with my teacher, makes our work sound more exciting. This last one is in my lecture class. Our first assignment was to redesign the geometric shape of something to make it more functional. I redesigned a soap dispenser. I labeled the pump's tube as a straw, not sure if this is correct but oh well. I always hate how soap gets stuck at the bottom of the bottle where the straw can't reach it so I made an upside-down pyramid bottle with supports to hold it up. The drawing was done in Illustrator and is very rough. I don't know how to get an fancier. Ah well.

I don't have any pictures of my drawing class projects, but trust me, they're not even worth looking at. I despise that class. We're drawing geometric shapes. So tedious. Boring. Difficult. And it's all guesswork which is so opposite of how precise we usually have to be. And my male teacher has long fingernails and smells like smoke sometimes. Bleh.

Also, for my letterform class, I'm writing with a William Morris pen similiar to my pencil projects from last year. I had a rough start but I'm getting better. I'll take some picture of that later.

Fun times.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The many faces of Jason

Courtesy of Skype. I like to take pictures of him when we're talking. He's handsome and I can't resist. Behold:

Concentrating Jason.
Thinking about Mexican pineapple cake Jason.
Content Jason.
Elephant ears Jason.
Constipated Jason.
Cutie boy Jason.
And yes, that is his room, flower and butterfly trim and all. His sis decorated it when she was living there and now Jason gets to enjoy it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Great Choice

Jason and I were in Walmart last weekend when we noticed that the generic Walmart brand Great Value was rebranded. Can I get a halleluja? Look at this mess:

I seriously HATED buying Great Value products. Sometimes I would fork over more money just to get around buying something so ugly. Everything about the packaging was so wrong. Horrible typography, bad pictures, tacky layouts, and the logo is down right offensive. Just because the products are cheap doesn't mean they should grab that one kid who makes everyone's coffee in the office and set him in front of the computer to design some packaging. Look at the images below:
Gross. Who wants to buy that?
Well someone, somewhere had enough COMMON SENSE to finally change a thing or two. Behold:

Wow! I'm not gagging! I'm not embarrassed to put those in my cart! THANK YOU WALMART.
Sure, I was saddened to see one of my favorite typefaces Myriad used with an outline for the logo. The logo itself if kinda boring, but I love how everything is white and consistent. Now their products stand out amoungst the shelves and now you can associate that color with any Great Value product.
Bravo, Walmart, bravo.