Friday, December 12, 2008

Almost there...

I have two finals left for Monday, and then I'm DONE with my first semester at ASU. I can hardly believe it! The best news I have is that I got an A in my studio class!!!!!! I was so very excited! They give you your only grade for the whole semester at your final so it's very scary because it all depends on that one grade... a few girls cried and the boys were making bets as to how many people would crap their pants. I've learned a lot this semester, so I decided to make a list (I'm addicted to lists, they're one of my favorite things ever!)

What I learned at ASU during the fall 2008 semester:
  • God is good! Jason and I are reading the book, Purpose Driven Life together and we've learned so much about what's really important in life. God has been very faithful to me in helping me get through this challenging semester, I'm so blessed!
  • Long distance relationships ARE possible
  • Long distance relationships are HARD (but worth it)
  • I can work harder than I ever thought I could
  • EAC is a bit of a joke... it's like high school 2.0
  • Any design major is EXPENSIVE. We have to buy all our own supplies and pay for all the printing ($$$$)
  • Design majors don't sleep much, especially towards the end of the semester
  • Parking at ASU sucks!
  • Having no money to buy new clothes is very very sad
  • There is an art to standing while riding the Orbit bus, which unfortunately I have not quite mastered yet. But most important rule: HOLD ON. I've seen several people fall after a big jolt from the bus (which is actually rather entertaining, as long as it's not me). It's kind of like riding a horse, you have to go with the bus, not against it
  • Bus conversations are the best (and also, people who ride the bus are very commonly crazy)
  • I am black (thank you random lady waiting for the bus)
  • A good roommate is most importantly one who has a job (and thus can actually pay rent)
  • Don't let your friends drink Denny's hot chocolate late at night. They will make fun of you without ceasing (you know who you are)
  • Don't ask questions when your roommates stay home from work (you may just get an answer that you REALLY didn't want to know about)
  • Thanksgiving dinner is a piece of cake when you have two awesome guys to help you out
  • Being able to see the stars at night is a luxury, so if be thankful if you can
  • Mobile-2-mobile is AWESOME (especially when you average 3000 minutes a month - eep!)
  • My momma is awesome! Of course I already knew this, but I relearn it all the time. She knows exactly what to say when I am down or discouraged
  • I think my dad and I are now officially regulars at Best Western continental breakfast ( I recommend the biscuits and gravy, yum!)
  • Salvador Dali was an odd, odd man
  • Melting a peppermint stick in hot chocolate is wonderful
  • People will wear the most ridiculous outfits, just because they're trendy (most involve leggings or Ugg boots)
  • Write down your goals! It's amazing how much of an impact it can have
  • Fresh and Easy is hands down the best grocery store eva! I love love love it there
  • Going to a big campus is good and bad. Good because you get a lot of exercise; bad if you need to be somewhere fast or are carrying heavy and/or bulky art supplies
  • ASU does not enroll fat people (or maybe they just lose all their weight in a matter of weeks from all the walking - regardless, you will not see a fat person on campus)
  • ASU students do not sweat. I am the exception.
  • I have way too much stuff (apparent every time I move)
  • I need to workout...which means I need to find the time to workout
  • Befriending a classmate 15 years older than you is the best thing for your education. They are far wiser and more learned than you, and will bestow upon you many, many helpful tips (plus you don't have to hear them complaining about hangovers all the time)

That's quite a list... but it truly has been a semester of learning and growing for me. Now it's time to take a break...and time for Christmas! Hurray!

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  1. man oh man! i agree with almost every comment you made about asu in there except they DO in fact enroll fat/sweaty people they just put them all on the west campus where i'm at. they also put all the creepy people there too... you should come visit sometime this semester. haha oh people watching at west campus is pretty much the bomb. and the ugg boots comment. i totally agree.....ewwwy!