Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm still alive

I'm sure all of my two faithful readers were worried about me and my poor neglected blog. But fear not, for I am still alive and blogging.

Life has been crazy. I never ever thought it could be this crazy. Will I look back on this in ten years and say, "hunny, you ain't seen nothin' yet!"? School is stretching me in ways I never thought I could be stretched. I never worked so hard for something in my life. The program is SO demanding. They seriously want us to live graphic design and nothing else. I seriously feel like I'm trying to get into med school.

I have my final review in my studio class on December 8th. It's a big day for me and it's what we've been working for this whole semester. It can make or break you so I really want to do my best. Basically we bring all our projects to class and present them to our professor in a one-on-one interview so he can critique our work. It's pretty intimidating.

Jason just got oral surgery today. His bones have stopped growing but he needs a palette expander befor he gets braces so they had to go in and cut the bone on the roof of his mouth so it can spread apart. He was completely fearless going into his surgery (probably too much so, he actually thought he could drive himself home before surgery! I told him no way after you've been drugged up like that). I think I was more nervous than he was. But the surgery went smoothly, praise God! (Thanks for your prayers Mom) He says he doesn't remember much of the first few hours after surgery but he was able to text me then. He had to go back and read what he wrote cause he couldn't remember. But he was a sweet drugged-up boy, asking me how my day was in his first text post-surgery. Then he kept sending text messages telling me he loved me. It's nice to know he still loves me when he's not really conscious. Now I just hope that he'll be able to eat most of the Thanksgiving dinner I cook in a week.

That's right. I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my dad, Jason, and myself. My mom and Jimmy couldn't make it in time :( so we're making due without them (while missing them like crazy!). I just hope everything will taste good! Wish me luck! (Jason did promise to help. And I'm planning on putting my dad to work peeling potatoes and such like that)

Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone! It's almost Christmas!!!!! Holy moly! Where did 2008 go?


  1. wow em you are a busy girl!! so what is up with thanksgiving?? why can't your mom and jimmy come? :( but i'm sure you'll do wonderfully at cooking and it will help for years to come!!! Oh thanks for wanting to be crafty with me! I am SO So so excited to decorate for christmas!! whooo Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Oh my Emilina I was so worried you were MIA! I miss you! I am so sorry you are having to work so hard! I love you! I am so impressed that you are making thanksgiving dinner! And remeber if you need help I will be around! And I am so glad you blogged cause yesterday I really was like Emily you need to blog to my self!

  3. Oh and I wonder who your two readers are? haha that part craked me up!

  4. Well my mom and bro were planning on moving before Thanksgiving but the moving process has been really slow so they couldn't get to Cali on time. We're all bummed but oh well.

    When I was writing about my two faithful readers, I was thinking of you Lyndee and Jenni. Cause if you look at who comments on my blog, there's always two comments and one is from you and one is from Jenni. Haha! My parents read my blog too, they just never comment. Haha, so yep, you two are my BBFs (aka Best Blogging Friends)