Friday, June 6, 2008

This one's for Lyndee

Since Lyndee was so adamant about me making a new post, I caved to the peer pressure... and now she's off to Australia and won't even be able to appreciate my blogging for 3 whole weeks!

Well I sure feel old these days... I go to WalMart and see all these older teenagers and wonder why I don't know them (it's a small town, you know pretty much everyone). Then I realize it's because they're probably still in high school, but I'm NOT anymore. Has it really been two years since I graduated? Did I really just finish two years of college?? I am OLD! Growing up is so weird... it seems to always surprise me when I realize how much I have grown up, and yet I still have a lot of growing up left (just ask Jenni - she gets quite flustered at how childish I am...or how childish she makes me act; it's all her fault of course). I've been reflecting a lot lately on my time in Thatcher, especially the last year. I know it is my time to go, but it's so sad to leave. I've met so many amazing people here and I've had the time of my life. The past year was the BEST...the craziest, hardest, most awesome and fun year of my life. I met some awesome new people and strenghthed many friendships I already had. I will miss how good we had it here.... it will never be the same.


  1. OH my goodness! This post was so inspirational I really just got tears in my eyes. no really I did. We have had manys good times and I agree with the whole growing up thing, it is lesbian. I am so glad you have been posting! I am very proud of you! I am sorry it took me three weeks to see it, but hey NO WORRIES! I love ya!

  2. I'm so glad you got to see this finally!!! I have missed you terribly! And thanks, you are the one who inspired me to actually post on my blog! Yay blogging yay! I love love love you!

  3. hahaha! so i totally love the pic of you and lyndee with the pregnancy thing. it's pretty awesome! what have you been up to? remember when we use to make the bead lizards and eat pepperoni's and pepperinchini's...however you spell that. haha! that was FOREVER ago.