Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saying goodbye

The image above is just an illustration. I googled "wisdom tooth" and seriously regreted it as several gory pictures of blood and guaze and hands in rubber gloves flashed before my eyes. So Mom, in case you ever read my blog, the above picture is for you because I know you would never read my blog again if I used any of those pictures I saw. (my mom has this cool face that she makes whenever I mention anything gross about teeth - it involves scrunching up her face as tight as she can while still managing to make "ewwww yuck blehhhh" sounds; she's rather talented, ya know) Anywho, back to the point of this post - 06 days and counting till I get those dear wisdom teeth removed from my mouth. I didn't realize how fond of my teeth I was until I realized I had to get them out. Or maybe I'm not really fond of them at all, maybe I'm just not fond of surgery... regardless, I'm not looking forward to it. I've heard too many horror stories... so if I don't ever post again on this blog... you all know what happened to me.
So, here's to hoping I have enough wisdom saved up in my brain that when I get these little guys removed, I can still survive without 'em! Cheers!


  1. You will be fine and everything will go smooth! Remember..I will play nurse and take care of you that night and if you do need a ride or something just let me know! Love ya buttkiss!!

  2. Jenni, nurses don't record their patients acting stupid.
    Haha...but thanks sweetie pie!

  3. Oh Emily I am glad you survived. I want you to post a pic of your cute little or not so little chickmunk cheeks. I love you, feel better