Saturday, May 3, 2008

Little Kali and Little Emily

Last night, Kali, Jason and I went by our local Dollar Tree to pick up some candy before Iron Man (which was tragically sold out so we ended up not watching it, even though we bought Iron Man pez dispensers just for the occasion) and we happened upon a bin of full of stuffed animals, with outfits hanging from the sides. It was build-a-bear Dollar Tree style! We couldn't resist those sweet puppy faces so Kali and I both adopted one. Kali's was christened Little Emily and mine was christened Little Kali. We bought them some snappy outfits and we left the Dollar Tree with our new best friends.

As we were dressing our new friends in their outfits, we were horrified to discover tags sewn in the back of our puppies' pants and sticking straight out. We were just as embarrassed as they were but of course we had to take a picture.

Just as happy as can be...

The two little tykes got worn out from all the excitement so we tucked them and let them sleep for a while.

I love my new little Kali!