Saturday, April 5, 2008


Oh, what a great place to be. I have about a million pictures from our spring break trip and I wish I could share them all, but I'll try to select the best ones and let them help me tell our spring break story.

This is the gang. This picture was taken after a long, fun-filled day at Knotts Berry Farm. From the left top row it's Julie, Jillian, Jason, Travis, Tyler, Molli, Jenni, Mitch. Then the bottom row (sorta) is Lyndee, me, Josh, Snoopy, and Casey (buried beneath Snoopy's great hand).

It was a great group and we had so much fun together.

Six Flags and Knotts were both tons of fun. My brain got quite rattled around after all those roller coasters, but it was completely worth it!!!

To balance out all the extreme theme park action, we spent plenty of time at the beach. Mostly Newport beach in the day, and Laguna beach at night.

Casey and Jason after some surfing.

All the boys had aviator glasses, so when me and Jenni saw these in the tourist shop on the beach, we had to get them.

Ok our internet is reeee-diculously slow and it's taking me forever to load pictures but those are a few of them. All in all it was a great spring break and we made some great memories.... :)


  1. Hello, you don't know me quite yet, but I was suppose to meet you in February, but we didn't get to. I'm Jen's sister Jeana! I've heard tons about you and the whole Buttkiss story. Hilarious I might add. Anyway, wanted to let you know who I was and that you're so cute in all the pictures!

  2. Hi Jeana! It's nice to (sorta) meet you! I wish I could have met you in person. But thanks so much for your comment! You're so sweet!! Jenni showed me the video of Dallin laughing and it was TOO cute! Your kids are adorable! :)